25 Moving Mistakes That Packers Movers Companies Reprising for Years

Relocation is a daunting task! It needs plenty of stuff to de-clutter, efficient packing, labeling, and moving to the new address. Many people prefer to outsource this painstaking task to a professional packer and mover company because they are not specialized to shift precious belongings single-handedly. No matter whether you want to shift your household, office, commercial or industrial stuff, it is too tough for the immature to handle them properly. Relocation task needs to be performed with utmost care because you can’t take the risk on valuable belongings especially expensive furniture, antiques, glassware, paintings, office stuff, and other fragile items. Some accessories are highly prone to shifting damages and they need a professional hand to relocate to the new address. No matter whether you want to relocate in a short distance or want to go beyond your state, it is important to notice that, the packer and mover company must handle these stuff cautiously.

Since there are several interstate packers and movers you can find in a single search but still, most of them commit the same mistakes from years while performing the relocation task. One thing is to keep in mind that the packer’s and movers’ service is not free from flaws. Here is a list of the most common moving mistakes that packers and movers companies have been reprising for years.

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Mistakes while finalizing the deal

  1. No visit to take the stock before finalizing the deal Packers and movers’ companies should thoroughly visit the home to take stock of the stuff that is meant to relocate. This is the initial and crucial step before finalizing the deal. But the irony is that most of these companies skip this crucial step which ends up with dissatisfaction of the client.
  2. Wrong cost estimation Price plays a crucial role in the negotiation process. When the best packing and moving companies skip the field visiting step, they don’t get any idea about which type of stuff and the number of belongings to be shifted. It directly affects their decision-making process and cost estimation. Most of the packers and movers in Hyderabad have been doing this particular for so many years and it ends up with severe customer dissatisfaction.
  3. Delay on scheduling Many people, who are in a hurry to be shifted to their new address, can’t wait for weeks. Most of the packing and moving companies still don’t understand their urgency and they fix a date that is too late according to the customers. In such conditions, the negotiation process gets hampered because no one wants to be relocated after weeks or months if there is any urgency.
  4. Not addressing the customer’s concerns promptly Consumers are not aware about the packing and moving process. They have limitless questions and concerns regarding their belongings that need to be answered thoroughly. But, few packers and movers in Bhubaneswar don’t address their issues thoroughly that lead hallow between the service provider and the customers.
  5. No transparency in documentation After finishing the deal, both parties (customer and service provider) should sign a paper where the term and conditions to be written clearly. There should not be any “But” and “If” during the relocating process. But, there are a number of packers and movers Delhi who don’t adhere to this essential step. Rather, they levy various hidden terms and conditions during and after the job is done.

Mistakes during packing

  1. Using wrong sized boxes One of the most common mistakes that packers and movers in Jaypore make is using random-sized boxes. Though it is a good idea to recycle old hard-paper boxes it doesn’t make it difficult to achieve a more uniform pack job in the truck. To save the hassle of sorting things out, it is a recommendation to use the designated moving boxes that maximum packers and movers won’t adhere to. These boxes come in several sizes to hold the belongings according to their size and weight.
  2. Putting heavy items in a single box Most of the time, these packers and movers Rourkela do commit a grave mistake by putting heavy items in one box. Not only does it make the box difficult to carry, but it compromises the integrity of the box as well. Most of the time, this kind of issue get ended up falling the packed items from the bottom. It needs to be stopped as soon as possible
  3. Improper packing Fragile items like picture frames, porcelain, fine china, and platters should be wrapped with bubble wrap and inserted with thin cardboard in between. This helps cushion the items during transportation and minimizes the risk of breaking during the movement. Professionals should also pack the food items separately and use furniture pads and packing peanuts for larger, heavier items. Due to improper packing, most of the time, customers lose their valuable
  4. Poor labeling on the boxes Adding labels to the moving boxes makes it easier to identify its contents after reaching the destination. The problem is, most of the packers and movers in Sambalpur don’t follow this crucial tip. Ideally, the size of the label should be at least 2 inches in height and should contain a list of the items inside the box. In this way, the customer will feel easy to set up their new home or office within a short span of time.
  5.  Leaving space in the boxes Leaving space in the packing boxes can cost a lot after the entire job is done. Though it is not a recommendation to overpack the boxes still there shouldn’t be no space in these boxes otherwise it will require purchasing more packing boxes for packing the belongings. Using packing peanuts during the sealing of the boxes will deliver a safe and smooth transition.
  6. Using plastic boxes instead of paper packing boxes Some packers and movers Bangalore do use plastic bags when they run out of the proper moving boxes. This is a terrible idea since plastic bags don’t offer any type of protection to the items inside them. Furthermore, the hard surface of the plastic boxes would help to hamper the fragile items inside them. Therefore, it is a recommendation to use paper packing boxes and avoid plastic boxes at any cost.
  7. Packing on the last minute Last-minute packing is one of the worst things that outnumber Odisha packers and movers who have been practicing for a year. apart from frantically jamming, everything inside the moving boxes, these service providers may come up late on the moving schedule. There is a saying “ haste makes waste” and it is true with packing. Professionals should start their packing ahead of the schedule but unfortunately, most of these companies ignore this fact.
  8. Not using proper adhesive or tape Regular tape or adhesives that are meant to fix papers, can’t do a good job while packing your belongings. Instead of that, professionals should use special tapes that are being designed to properly pack, and in this way, there will be no disaster of the paper packs.
  9. Not de-cluttering before packing Before professionals start packing, it is a great idea to get rid of such items that the customers don’t like. These are including old clothes or broken furniture along with other unnecessary items. In this way, it will save time and man-hours for packing. But, when people search best movers and packers near me and hire inexperienced companies they make several mistakes while packing.
  10. Unprofessional packing Most of the companies sometimes hire inexperienced staff members to do this task which ends up missing and breaking various pricy items which the customer won’t afford. If someone will consider these things, then the entire relocating process may be rightly commenced.

Let’s make a relocate relationship for business moving.

Mistakes while transporting

  1. Using improper vehicles Not all the items need the same care and same mode of transportation. For instance, you can’t choose 4×4 trucks for transporting food items that don’t have a refrigeration facility and shouldn’t choose pickups for carrying huge furniture. However, some vehicle-shifting company Bhubaneswar still depend on conventional vehicles to transport the customer’s belongings.
  2. Wrongly placing boxes on the vehicles Placing the packs wrongly on the vehicles can create havoc. If the professionals just pile up the boxes without setting them properly, the items inside can be damaged even before starting the process.
  3. Choosing the wrong route If the driver is unprofessional and chooses the wrong route to reach the destination, it not only takes more time but sometimes damages the loads due to the bad condition of the road. So, it is a recommendation to the vehicle shifting company Odisha to look into this matter and safely transport the valuable belongings.
  4. Taking too many and unnecessary halts Most of the car-shifting company Bhubaneswar is entitled to the working hours. So, time is valuable and every minute count but most of these companies overshadow the operation just due to taking unnecessary halts on the way before reaching the destination. It hampers customers due to the delay.
  5. Loading more than capacity Some packers and movers load heavily their vehicles without caring about the items inside the packs. One thing is to keep in mind that, these loads can cause collateral damage which comes with a heavy price.

Mistakes after reaching the destination

  1. Randomly placing items After reaching the destination, many companies just drop the loads and flee. This is not the proper way to make the relation task a success. Professionals ought to properly place their items at the destination and hand over the list to the customer before leaving.
  2. Unaccountability of damages Still, some car moving company Bangalore hesitate to take accountability for the damages during the relocation process. This should be made clear from the initiation that, any damages need to be paid by the packer and mover company.
  3. Improper warehousing facility Warehousing is another crucial part of the packing and moving service. If the customer takes a few days to settle down in any new place, the moving company must provide an adequate warehousing facility to safely store the belongings. But, still, some storage and warehousing providers won’t adhere to this requirement.
  4. No place to lodge the complaint On the off chance, there is any damage, it is the duty of the moving company to repay according to their contract. If the customer found no place to complain, it will hurt the trust customer and later the business.
  5. Levying more charges after completing the process This is a common and wrong stance that maximum companies that provide relocation service India do commit after finishing the process. They levy so many additional charges which were not even mentioned in the contract. This practice needs to be stopped to provide a clean and customer-friendly relocation service.

Wrap Up!

Relocation job needs a professional approach and these mentioned mistakes have been practiced by the packing and moving companies for years. They should take steps to avoid such issues. If you want to avail a flawless relocation service then 24x7Packers is the best to choose.

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