How to Shift high-rise Apartments with Packers and Movers?

Shifting from a high-rise apartment is challenging, but with the help of packers and movers, it becomes more manageable.

Here are the steps to follow when shifting from a high-rise apartment with packers and movers to interstate locations:

  1. Contact packers and movers: The first step is to contact a reliable and experienced packers and movers company near your area. Share your requirements with them, and they will provide you with a quote and estimate the time required for the move.
  2. Plan further: Plan for the move well in advance. Inform the packers and movers about any rules and regulations related to moving in and out of the building. Schedule the shifting on a suitable day and time.
  3. Get necessary permissions: Obtain any necessary permissions from your building management, parking authorities, or nearby neighbors. It will ensure that there are no last-minute conflicts or delays.
  4. Elevator booking: Book the elevator in advance for the day of the move. This is essential because most buildings have strict rules regarding elevator usage.
  5. Pack your belongings: Pack your belongings per the guidelines the packers and movers provided, or they can also wrap all your belongings, maintaining standard protocols. Label the boxes carefully and make a list of items to ensure that everything is accounted for.
  6. Loading and unloading: On the day of the move, the packers and movers will arrive at your doorstep. They will load your belongings on the truck and transport them to your destination, or sometimes they take them to their secured warehouse and despatch them on the said day. Once they arrive, they will unload everything on the designated premises and place them in a stated manner.
  7. Cleaning up: After the move, the packers and movers will clean up the mess created during the move. They will ensure that everything is in its proper place and leave your new apartment tidy and organized.

Isn’t the best way to throw your home assets through the window to the cotton truck parked down the apartment during high-rise home relocation? But 24x7Packers do not exactly accomplish the same way.

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