Storage and Warehousing Services

Big or Small, we can Handle it All!

To be top-notch in the business you need to have proper inventory management. Sometimes it is not that easy to manage the inventory because of the shortage of space but at the same time, your business is required to carry the inventory as a buffer. When you required space at a considerable price with the safety factor then you will move for a temporary space for warehousing and storage.

How this warehousing and storage facility will help you or your business?

Let’s discuss. Suppose your client demands instant for some product but the volume of your product is so high that the existing storage space can’t facilitate your requirement. Then you must be searching for another storage space for which your operating cost will be too high. It will include your advance payment for the space, manpower for security and day to day operation along with electricity and other miscellaneous. If the entire cost goes high then there is a chance of very low or negative profit. At the same time if you hire some storage and warehousing space from some third party then the cost will be less and you can add profit to your business.

Storage and Warehousing Services

How 24x7Packers Will help you with Storage?

As leading packers and movers, we have enough space for storage space. Almost we have a cumulative space of 1lac sqft till date and we are planning to increase it by 200% within a couple of years. The storage space will help any corporate or any individual or any business house. As one of the leading storage and warehousing companies in India, we provide different services like inventory management, labelling, wrapping, another warehouse service. We charge very competitive pricing for it.

Our storage facility is available for household packaged goods, for any type of electronics items such as TV, computer, mobiles or IT accessories. Even you can share our storage space for any other category item like medicines, cloth items, plastic items or glass items. On other hand, for loading and unloading your storage product, we do have professionals who can handle it. There is a team who will help to label the product to manage the ageing. It will increase the productivity of the lifespan of the product. We charge a very cheaper price for it.

We would feel privileged and very glad to serve you for any type of packing and moving service or storage or warehousing. You can reach us by contacting on +91-9114120247.