How Packers and Movers Do Car Shifting in Bhubaneswar

Car is an integral part of modern society. Many people own cars for personal use, which is why the number of cars is increasing daily. This ratio is higher in urban areas compared to rural ones. Since Bhubaneswar has emerged as one of the fastest-growing cities in India, people have come here to explore various opportunities.

People who argue that shifting cars can be quickly done with self-driving should keep in mind that there are a lot of hurdles to face on the way unless they are professional drivers or familiar with the route. This is why it is best to hire a reputed car shifting company in Bhubaneswar that can smoothly and securely move to the destination without even a single scratch on your vehicle.

Here are the steps professional packers and movers follow to do car shifting in Bhubaneswar.

  1. Taking stock of the car and quotation

This is the initial step of the car moving process. Professionals first pay a visit to the origin, inspect the vehicle, and note the condition. If the origin is the outskirt of Bhubaneswar, then that car has to drive to the city because the car carrier doesn’t pick up the car from out of Bhubaneswar, so you have to maintain a minimum of 15 liters of fuel.

The car must have valid insurance to cover the potential damages on the way.

Professionals also record the present color condition, dent, and other damages. After that, they prepare the list of the injuries and handover to the owner.

The quotation is prepared according to the car’s condition and then handed over to the owner. Once he agrees on the price and other terms and conditions, there will be another date when the professionals start packing and transporting the car.

  1. Preparing the car for moving

The day when the car is about to shift, it gets a thorough washing job. Professionals also use specialized materials to cover the windshield and sun-shield to protect the vehicle from potential damages.

  1. Loading and transportation

Packers and movers in Bhubaneswar use specialized vehicles that are used to carry cars with utmost security. They mainly use two types of car-moving vehicles. One is a closed container, and the second is an open carrier studded with a hydraulic ramp.

The car gets a load on the carrier driven by personnel, and once it gets loaded, it is fastened by secured belts to avoid jerks during transportation.

The car-carrying vehicles are mainly driven by experienced and professional drivers who are not only well-trained but also familiar with the route and road conditions to the destination so that they avoid any mishaps.

These drivers also ensure to reach the destination within the deadline.

  1. Delivery

Delivery at the destination is the last step of the car shifting process. The car is handled securely by professionals. They ensure smooth delivering and unwrapping at the destination.


Shifting the cars with the help of reputed car moving companies will truly secure your vehicle and get delivered to the destination without any hassle. These companies follow these processes to shift the car securely.

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