25 Most Essential Measures should be noted while Relocation. A Comprehensive Moving Guide

Relocating to another city is a daunting task! There are several things to keep in mind while moving to a new location especially when your family and pets are involved. A thorough pre-planning is required before starting the move. No matter whether you are relocating your home or shifting your current office, there are several steps involved to maneuver the entire process.

From taking the decision to shift your home or office to the new address to decluttering and arranging the items in the new home or office, a lot of effort is required. However, most people are unaware of what to do when they are ready to move out. In such conditions, hiring intercity packers and movers would be a smart move. When you want to relocate effectively without any flaws, you should be familiar with the entire process.

When you understand the whole process of packing and moving, it will equip you with enormous insight to strategize the process within a pocket-friendly budget and within the deadline. Since you understand every step separately, you will come up with the most cost-effective ways. However, you should refrain from doing all these things by yourself.  It is best to outsource the task to a proficient packers and movers service provider.

Pre-moving survey

When your family is involved, you should be more cautious than others. Before choosing a location, it is crucial to go for a pre-moving survey to take the stock of the new address. Here is what to look at your new address.

  1.     The surrounding area

Moving to a city is not safe all the time, even suburbs are getting affected by various antisocial activities. So, make sure that the surrounding area of your new address is quite safe and free from any type of violation.

  1.     Never underestimate the neighbors

Neighbors are the first responder and while you are the new address, your neighbors should be supportive. In this way, you can live safely.

  1.     Make sure to locate a good school

Your new address should be near a reputed school where your kids will continue their schooling without any hassle. This is one of the prime concerns that every parent must take note of.

  1.     Less far from the working place

Many people shift to a new location due to their job. If the new address is also far from the job location and you have to travel hours to reach your workstation then it is meaningless to move. So, make sure the new address is less far from your working location.

  1.     Make sure the apartment has everything

It is not a good idea to compromise with your requirements when you are at a new address. So, before shifting make sure that the apartment has everything like 24-hour electricity, appropriate water supply, parking space, and parks for children. Plus, don’t forget to ask about the security guard.

Steps to be taken for shifting from the current place

This is the hardest part of the relocation task. This is because you have to take practical steps to smoothly move towards your destination. Here are the steps to follow.

  1.     Make a list of the belongings

Your belongings are valuable. You need to make them organized before shifting. So, it is a recommendation to make a list of the belongings. Though local shifting company India makes such a list, you still know the value of your items. So, make a list before going ahead.

  1.     Hire packers and movers service provider

Shifting the home is a complex task. It involves various crucial tasks that only professionals can handle thoroughly. So, if you are planning to go for do-it-it yourself to shift your home, then time to reconsider it. Pan India movers will ensure a safe and smooth relocation service that is completely impossible when you try to do it yourself.

  1.     Try to reduce the shifting material

If you have a family of 3 to 4 members and there are kids, then you may notice that several unnecessary things are lying at your home. From torn clothes to broken toys and from used papers to faulty electronics gadgets, they all need to be dumped right at your origin. So, separate them and make your loads free from clutter.

  1.     Keep important documents safe

Since there are several packets to be shifted, make sure that you have separated the important documents in your bag. These are important and once they get missed, you won’t get them further. So, don’t rely on others while carrying the important documents.

  1.     Prepare a bag for the kids and toddlers

Kids and toddlers are the most sensitive members of your home and they need extra care. So, you should pack their required items in a separate bag and keep that with you.

Steps to take if you are moving out of the current state

There are various things to do prior when you go out of the state. Here are the steps to follow.

  1.     Pay the dues

Clear all the important bills including electricity, rent, and others that you have skipped. Without this, you shouldn’t move ahead.

  1.     Transfer LPG connection

LPG is the most crucial part of the household and that needs to be taken care of properly. So, if you are shifting out of state, it would be best to transfer the LPG connection according to your new address. To do this, you have to submit your application to the current LPG distributor and he will process that application further.

  1.     Transfer DTH

If you have a DTH connection, then transfer that in prior. In this way, there will be no flaws after reach at your new address.

  1.     Collect the children’s transfer document from the school

This is another crucial step that you shouldn’t skip while shifting to another state. Ask the school or college administration to prepare the transfer certificate and then you can submit that at the schools of the new destination.

  1.     Oblige to the term and conditions you have made with the current homeowner

Some various terms and conditions have already been mentioned in the contract form when you have taken the current home on rent. Some clues need to be fulfilled when you are leaving the home. So, make sure that these conditions have been met properly before leaving.

Steps to be taken during the moving

  1.     Make sure the moving company personnel reached your place on time

As you are gearing up or moving from your current location, everything needs to be done at right time. So, make sure that the packer and mover service company personnel should reach your destination at the right time. There are several things to do and they should start that early.

  1.     Supervise while packing

After they come and start packing, make sure that you are supervising their actions thoroughly. Also, guide them on which household materials need maximum care. In this way, there will be no need to panic after reaching the new destination.

  1.     Emphasize shifting your pets and preferred plants

Not only household materials but pets and your preferred plants are equally important while you are shifting to another location. Make sure that the pets are caged properly and the plants are packed thoroughly during the packing.

  1.     Special preparation for car and bike carriage

If you don’t want to drive your car or bike to the new address then go for car transport service India. These providers have customized trucks with hydraulic carriage systems. They will meet the requirements according to the car’s needs.

  1.     Ensure careful loading and secure transport

Careful loading is another aspect that you shouldn’t miss before you start the journey. The idea is to place items in the carrier in a way that doesn’t get damaged and ensures maximum safety during transit. And for the same, you need to make sure that the movers are adequately skilled. After loading, you need to make sure that the transportation is going on smoothly. To ensure this, you can check their passages and can ask the driver about it.

Steps to follow after reaching the destination

  1.     Opt warehouse if needed

Due to various circumstances, it is not possible to reach the belongings to the destination at once. So, in this case, you should ask the household relocation service provider to avail a warehouse to store your belongings for several days. This is the safest mode to deliver the household material to the destination without much hassle.

  1.     Get the new apartment clean inside out and outside in

Without cleaning the apartment, you can’t live there. So, before the arrival of your belongings, make sure that you have rightly cleaned the apartment inside out and outside in.

  1.     Check major appliances

If you have moved some major appliances like TV, fridge and washing machine, make sure, you check them thoroughly after reaching there. They probably get damaged during the transportation. So, this initial check is necessary.

  1.     Unload the belongings carefully

Several fragile household items need extra care. So, it is a recommendation to unload them carefully at your destination. This unload process should be done under your supervision.

  1.     Unbox and set up the house

Time for unboxing the household items at your new address. Match the packets with your list that you had made during the packing process at your previous address. Once you get sure about the packs and the inside items, now start unboxing them one by one and one set up the home thoroughly.


Shifting from one city to another is a tedious task and it is sometimes inevitable as well. So, if you follow these steps properly, this task will be finished without any hassle and you will lead your life smoothly at your new address.

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