10 Ways Technology is Impacting the Logistic Sector in India

The logistics industry plays a significant role in the growth of the country. Since India is growing at its full potency, it is important for the logistics industry to adopt the latest technical innovations to make the process, safer, cleaner, and easier. Needless to mention, technology and logistics have been interconnected and technology is used to a great extent everywhere.

Big players in Indian logistic sectors have been enrolled in the technical advancement and today, from initiation to completion, each and every step has been fully controlled and managed with technical advancements. The Indian logistic industry has successfully switched from manual to semi-automatic and now automated technologies and communication. Information technology has been developed like never before and to keep the rapport, Indian logistic sectors have adopted the technical advancements that have changed the image of the logistics sector.

Here are the 10 technical innovations that have impacted the logistical industry of India.

  1. Automation

Automation is the practice of leveraging software data to boost machine efficiency in order to produce the best results with high precision. From better package labeling to more efficient warehouse sorting systems to faster deliveries, automation is extremely beneficial. Companies that implement automation sooner will lead the logistics industry in the future.

  1. Advanced supply chain management

Since, AI’s crucial role in supply chain management, technology has evolved dramatically, including the creation of predictive optimization, which is predicted to become one of the most important drivers in the logistics industry. Predictive optimization closes the supply-demand gap through precise forecasting, enabling effective last-mile delivery. Last-mile delivery information, which includes ETA prediction and route optimization, has also a significant impact on the Indian logistics industry.

  1. Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility has been accessed by various logistic companies in India. Due to the real-time data available on one platform, both customers and carriers can access through their unique authentication and they know whether the supply is achieving the given parameters or not. Today, due to cutting-edge solutions of SCV, quick response is possible and one can easily access the data without any additional help.

  1. Blockchain

The implementation of Blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrency only. However, many Indian logistic players implement to use as an open ledger of the transactions that are distributed in various computers in a certain network. This open ledger can be accessed by authorities from different branches so that, it becomes transparent. In this way, it could make it easier for the different carriers or shippers to share sensitive data.

  1. Shipment Tracking System

Shipment Tracking System (STS) allows users to monitor and track their shipments. It provides notifications related to shipments and messages, customized reports, and customer accounts with information related to the consignment assigned to them. These systems enrich the user experience.

  1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID is one of the most advanced techniques that help the logistic players to identify the consignment. RFID tags are being used to identify the consignments and they transmit real-time data that helps the authorities to track and secure the consignment. It helps the Indian movers to track and help the consignment to safeguard against any mishaps.

  1. Digital Payment

Digital payment has become the most popular among Indians. The digital currency has been slowly replacing physical currency and it helps logistic players to receive and pay money easily. Since one can pay through various digital payment modes, players can easily receive money through mobile apps and other means. In this way, both the customers and the logistic service providers remain transparent regarding the payment issue.

  1. Warehouse Automation

Warehouse operation is an inseparable part of the logistics industry. Today, robotics technology has been infused into warehouse operations and it makes warehouse management easier. The manual intervention in the warehouse operation has been reduced and in this way, the logistic companies save both time and money while handling the shipments.

  1. Autonomous vehicles and drones

The induction of autonomous vehicles, be they trucks or drones, has become the best part of today’s Indian logistics industry. Drones are being used frequently in order to deliver shipments at various locations where the feasibility of reaching the trucks is slim. Since the Indian logistic sector is marching ahead, the induction of the latest technology gives it an edge.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has an impact on the businesses of many industries. As a result of IoT-enabled technologies, the logistics industry has undergone substantial changes. The Internet of Things can be used to track the location and temperature of objects. Furthermore, companies may install sensors in lorries to monitor their location, and IoT can be used to track the temperature and location of goods being transported in lorries.

These are the 10 things that impacted the Indian logistic sector significantly. Due to the implementation of technology, the industry becomes more customer friendly and effective.

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