Twenty Must-Ask Points to the Packers Before Hiring, Never Forget

The number of moving companies is growing every year the people who have zero or little knowledge in this field. Their intention is only to earn a lavish amount of money from this lucrative market. Such companies can’t provide excellent service as expected by the clients. Due to the lack of insights and expertise, at the end of the day, the client will be suffered. This is the reason, it is best to hire an expert packer and mover that can easily meet your needs.

Moving household items or commercial goods need appropriate attention and expertise which most of the packers and movers that operate in the market fail to deliver. Here are twenty must-ask questions to them in order to gauge their capability and know whether they are genuine or not.

  1. How many years has the company been in this industry?

The years in this industry determine its reputation and expertise. So, this is the initial question that you should ask before going ahead. An experienced mover can handle the assignment perfectly compared to the newcomers.

  1. Does the company have any references regarding the service?

Genuine and reputed moving companies never hesitate to provide a reference from previous customers. They also maintain transparency while asking their clients to drop any online reviews. Checking references will let you spot the scams.

  1. Is the moving company licensed, and insured?

The moving company should adhere to the land of law. No moving company has the right to operate its business if they are not licensed. Only fraud or those that have ill-intention prefer to operate in shadow and hiring them will be a blunder. So, it is best to avoid the mover that has no license or insurance.

  1. What type of documents the customer will receive before moving day?

This is one of the most helpful questions to ask moving companies that entitled your commitments, contracts, and moving itinerary. Ask your moving company about the documents you should expect to read and sign on a moving day. Without documents can be a free pass to the company when there is any violation of the contract.

  1. What is the process of evaluation of the move?

It is important to know the pricing structure of the moving companies before hiring. Few moving companies charge by the weight loaded onto the moving truck and the distance, others charge by the hour and the size of their team, and some charge by a combination of the two. So, it is best to find the righteous structure that will meet your needs.

  1. Is the estimate binding or non-binding?

Moving companies mainly calculate the overall cost in two methods. One is binding and the next one is non-binding. The binding cost is the total cost of the moving assignment whereas the non-binding cost is estimated according to extra weight or extra miles.

  1. Are there any extra fees rather than the total pricing?

Sometimes, movers charge extra fees that were not discussed initially. They surprise you at the right time by asking you to pay more than the estimation. So, it will be best to clear the doubts before hiring the company.

  1. Charges of uninstalling the electronic appliances

Many homeowners would like to shift their valuable electronic appliances like ACs, electronic vents, electric chimneys, precious lighting, and many more. These appliances need an expert to be uninstalled. So, as a homeowner, you should ask the mover whether they provide this uninstalling service or not. If they offer this service, ask whether it is included in the overall price or if it charges extra.

  1. Is there any additional fee for oversized items?

When large or extra-large items are needed to be transported, they need special arrangements. Surprisingly, some companies ask for an extra price for it. So, it needs to be cleared beforehand.

  1. Unassembling heavy furniture

Heavy furniture like a bed, sofa set, large cupboard, bookshelf, and many other items need to be unassembled before moving. Since unassembling these furniture pieces take time and expertise, you should ask your mover if it can provide this service or not. If not, then you can hire an expert who can do this for you.

  1. Does the customer have to pay extra for additional miles?

Most of the time, the distance gets stretched due to various reasons. If the trucks scale extra miles, does the customer is liable and have to pay additional charges for it?

  1. Is there any fuel surcharge?

Some moving companies factor refueling costs into the final moving cost. While this isn’t a bad practice, it’s important to clarify with your moving company so you understand how you’ll be charged during the moving process.

  1. Does there any extra fee involved while loading or offloading by special tools?

Sometimes, there are some extra tools needed while loading and offloading sensitive or special items. In such a scenario, the packers charge extra for these tools and this is why you should be clear regarding all these fees in advance.

  1. Recovery process during transit mishaps

Accidents and mishaps during transit are highly possible. As a client, it is crucial to know whether they hire any third party to repair the damaged vehicles or whether they have a repair crew onboard. This is important because no one would like to waste a minute during the transit and onboard repairing crew members can offer instant service compared to the third-party mechanics.

  1. Does that company offer packing services?

Since packing is a vital part of the moving service, it is crucial to know whether that company offers packing or not. If not, then the customer has to do it because the belongings have to be safe and sound till they reach the destination.

  1. Will the company employ any dedicated executive to supervise the moving assignment?

Some moving companies employ dedicated executives to supervise or carry out the packing assignment. If the company does it, then it will be easy to solve the queries on spot or can make that person accountable in the case of violation of the contract.

  1. Does that mover offer a warehousing facility?

Warehouse safeguards the valuable belongings for a longer time. If your particular location is not finalized yet, it is best to store the belongings in the warehouse. So, ask whether that mover offers this service at your destination or not.

  1. How often the moving vehicles are serviced?

Proper vehicle maintenance is a sign of a reputable moving company. Ask your moving company about their vehicle maintenance schedule and how they ensure your belongings will arrive at your new home on time and without any damage. If the vehicles are poorly maintained, they probably break down on the way.

  1. Does the company offer liability insurance?

There are several types of moving insurance your moving company may provide and they each have different benefits. Ask your moving company about the insurance options they offer and consider purchasing additional coverage for extra protection. Shadow movers can’t provide the intended insurance cover. So, it will be best to avoid them.

  1. Are the crew members covered with workers’ compensation?

Not all moving companies offer their crew members compensation and it will be best to ask that moving company about their policies regarding any workplace injury. While a moving company not offering workers’ compensation shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, you should be sure you understand who is responsible if there is an accident during the move.


There are so many factors involved while searching for a moving company. These are the twenty must-asked questions that a mover should be asked to know whether it is genuine or not. Never shy away to ask these questions to gauge your expertise, and experience and know if that company is suitable for your moving needs.

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