How to Hire Authentic Movers and Packers Service Provider in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar has become an ideal city and an economic powerhouse in the Eastern part of India. This city has broken a number of stereotypes to become one of the most preferred cities in India.  Since thousands of people want to move to their desired locations in this city, it is crucial to hire a reliable packer and mover in Bhubaneswar not to jeopardize the entire moving plan and damage the precious belongings. Authentic movers ensure safe and quick-moving without any additional hassle.

Since, one can find hundreds of packers and movers in a single search, distinguishing the original one can be tedious. Go through this blog to know how to choose an authentic packer and mover that can meet your moving needs.

The license of the company

License is crucial to check before hiring any packer and mover company. Licensed companies adhere to the law and there is a fair chance that customers will be compensated in the case of loss or damage of goods during the shifting process. For local moves, every state has different licensing requirements. If you’re moving within the state, you can call your state moving association to check your movers’ licenses and other requirements.

Physical supervision and in-home estimate

No moving quotation can be done without through supervision of the moving items. In-home estimates are the righteous way for movers and customers to make a reliable quote. They also check which type of packing materials need to be packed for these goods because not all the items require uniform packing. Additionally, physical supervision will also help the movers to determine whether the goods need a medium, large or extra-large vehicles to transport the goods.  So, written in-home estimation is much more transparent and reliable compared to verbal estimation.

Office address

A number of movers only have virtual existence. Most of the packers and movers are only available over the phone and there is no physical office they maintain. If you hire them, then chances are, you won’t get the appropriate service according to your expectation. This is the reason, it is best to inquire about the physical office address.

Check out the reviews being posted by previous customers

Online reviews are one of the most transparent ways to gauge a company’s authenticity.  One thing is to keep in mind that, online reviews are the firsthand experience of the previous customers and they can’t be manipulated. So, the reviews are an honest source of information that you shouldn’t underestimate.

Online reviews also reveal the response of the packers and movers towards the customer concerns. When someone going to avail of the service, he must have several queries that need to be clear in the first place but if the company gives any shadow replies or rouge during the conversation, it is clear that it is not going to handle the task professionally. This is the reason, it is always a great decision to hire such movers who have a customer-first policy and a good track record in handling customer concerns.

Transparency while preparing a quote

Pricing is the main concern for many. One thing is to keep in mind that, many packers and movers charge extra after finalizing the quotation. They levy hidden charges that were not even discussed before, and that is how the customer ends up paying more than expected. So, it is crucial to make things clear in the first place and there should be no hidden charges during or after the completion of the moving task. If the moving company is not adhering to transparency, it is best to drop that from your list.

Warehouse facilities

The warehouse is the need of the hour for every moving task. In this time of uncertainty, people want to store their precious belongings till the final address is not confirmed. When you are looking for the packer and mover, it is crucial to ask if it has warehouse facilities at the destination or not. If it has a warehouse facility, you can go ahead with it because; the warehouse can let you store your goods safely.


Since movers play a crucial role in safely carrying belongings from one place to another, an authentic and experienced mover can do this task perfectly. So, it is important to choose authentic packers and movers in Bhubaneswar to shift the goods from the origin to the destination.

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