How a Professional Packers get Vehicle Shifting done?

Relocation is a daunting task and maximum people outsource this task to professionals. Reputed packers and movers take responsibility from initiation to completion of the relocation job. They carry out shifting tasks flawlessly using their skill, resource, and experience. The same thing happens with vehicle shifting.

Needless to say, vehicles are delicate and pricy belongings that no owner would like even small damage during the shifting process. However, chances of damage are high when they are driven by road or getting shifted by untrained hands. Hiring a reputed mover that offers car transport service India will smoothly carry out the vehicle shifting service.

A professional packer mainly follows 4 steps to get the vehicle shifting done.

  1. Survey to take the stock

A Survey of the vehicle is the initial step of the shifting process. A supervisor takes detailed information regarding the vehicles while doing an onsite survey. He figures out the condition of the vehicle while mentioning the damages, the scratches along with broken parts of the vehicle. He carries out this survey with utmost precision and handover the report to the owner. After this step is done, then the supervisor apprises the client about the cost of the vehicle shifting and when this process will be carried out. After the client agrees about the price, condition of the vehicle, and terms and conditions of the process, the next step starts.

  1. Packing of the vehicle

Packing is a crucial part of the vehicle shifting process. Professionals mainly pack the vehicle with four layers to make it damage-proof.

  1. Wrapping of the vehicle with quality poly wrapper to safeguard the outer layer from any potential damage. It builds an airtight cover over the vehicle which will intact its condition till the delivery.
  2. Covering the vehicle with a bubble wrapper is the second layer of packing. It will safeguard the vehicle from unwanted jerks and vibrations during transportation.
  3. Cushion wrapping is the third layer of packing. It ensures, zero damage no matter how rough the road or the terrain is.
  4. After inserting these cushions and wrappers, the final layer gets done with a weatherproof material that secures the vehicle from any type of harassing weather condition.

Reputed packers that provide vehicle transport service in India use quality packing material that completely safeguards your valuable vehicle and it ensures no further damage till delivery.

  1. Loading and Transportation

After packing, the loading and transportation process is done. Loading is done using material handling equipment. There are mainly two types of carriers used to shift the vehicle. These are including:

  1. Trucks with a dedicated ramp
  2. Enclosed carriers

Packers use the carriers according to the size, and condition of the vehicle. No matter what the carrier is, the packer will ensure the safe and smooth transportation of vehicles to the destination. Since most of these carrier fleets are owned by packers and movers, they carry out this transportation with utmost precision and care.

  1. Unpacking and Handover

After the vehicle reaches the destination, it is time to unpack and handover to the owner. Professionals use specialized tools to offload from the truck and unpack the vehicle. They do it in front of the vehicle owner and ensure there no damage has occurred during the entire process. After a quick verification by the owner itself, the vehicle gets handed over followed by the signing of the delivery papers.

risk-free relocation of superbike


Vehicle shifting is complex and sensitive. Therefore, only skillful and proven tools are used to carry out this task. Well-reputed vehicle shifting company Bhubaneswar always uses best-in-class packing materials and tools to move the vehicle to its destination.

24x7Packers is one of the best vehicle shifting service providers in India. Having years of experience and maintaining a fleet of well-maintained carriers, can smoothly shift your vehicle to the desired destination.

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