How Do Top-Notch Vehicle Movers in Bhubaneswar Relocate Vehicles

Do you have any plans to move to any new city soon? If so, apart from moving your household belongings, you may have been worrying about the safe moving of your vehicle. Hiring the best packers and movers in Bhubaneswar can be a hassle-free option for people who want to move their vehicle from Bhubaneswar to another city.

Whether you are relocating on short notice or buying a car from someone staying in a different city of the country, it is quite impractical to drive the car from the new location. In such conditions, save yourself a lot of time, effort, and resources by having your vehicle shipped by hiring top-notch vehicle movers in Bhubaneswar.

Vehicle movers in Bhubaneswar 

Bhubaneswar has evolved as one of the prime destinations for people from different parts of the country. Therefore, top industry players have established their operation centers in Bhubaneswar.

Vehicle movers in Bhubaneswar mainly offer three types of vehicle moving services. These are mentioned below.

  • International vehicle moving
  • Domestic vehicle moving
  • Local vehicle moving

International vehicle moving– In this segment, the vehicle gets shipped to different countries in the world. This shipping process is done by road and waterways adhering to the international shipping rule.

Domestic vehicle moving– When vehicles are moved to a different part of the country, it is called domestic vehicle moving. Most of the time, specialized trucks are used to carry out this task.

Local vehicle moving– Local vehicle movers mainly transport vehicles to different cities and towns of Odisha. They use also use customized trucks to ferry the vehicle.

The process of vehicle moving from Bhubaneswar to other destinations

When it comes to shipping your vehicle from Bhubaneswar to other cities, there are several steps the movers have to follow. Extra paperwork is required while transporting the vehicle to an international destination.

Here are the steps that are involved to ship the vehicle to different destinations in Bhubaneswar.

  1. Inspection to take the stock of the vehicle

Vehicle movers have experienced field officers who come to the origin where the vehicle is going to be moved. They check the vehicle and let the client know about the charges. They also do it to confirm which types of carriers are required to ferry the vehicle. After the initial inspection is done, the client gets a quotation and the date on which the moving task will be commenced.

  1. Preparing the vehicle to transport

It is crucial to prepare the vehicle for the shipping process if you want it to be delivered as expected. Dust and dirt can easily hire scratches and dents. So, before the shifting, the vehicle gets a wash job.

  1. Preparing paperwork and insurance

Insurance and other necessary paperwork are done before shipping. The insurance will help the owner to get compensation if the car is damaged during transportation. Most of the vehicle movers in Bhubaneswar have an international standard of packing that ensures zero damage during the shipping process. However, it is a recommendation to do insurance before the shipping process is done. Movers also prepare the paperwork for the consignment.

  1. Packing of the vehicle

Packing is done to ensure the safe movement of the vehicle to the destination. The movers are very much aware of the potential damage if the vehicle is not packed securely. They use cushions, plastic sheets, wrappers, and cartoons for robust packing.

  1. Load and transport of the vehicle

After the packing is done, now time to load the vehicle on the carriers. Various material handling equipment is being used to load the vehicle. Vehicle movers mainly use three types of carriers to ship the vehicle. These are:

  1. Specialized trucks with ramps- These trucks are fitted with hydraulic ramps and the vehicles are fastened with safety belts to securely move.
  2. Cargo trucks– These are regular carriers and are mainly used for bike and small car relocation. They securely transport the vehicles to their destinations.
  3. Enclosed trailers– These are the safest modes of vehicle transportation in India. All luxury car relocation and SUV relocation are done through enclosed carriers which are enclosed structures in which the car can be parked. These are closed thus don’t expose the vehicles to any dust, rain, or snow, and keep it protected. The vehicles in this mode are also protected from any theft. Thus most reputed vehicle movers in Bhubaneswar use this mode of vehicle transportation.


  1. Delivery at the destination

Reputed vehicle movers in Bhubaneswar are aware of the deadline and they deliver the vehicles at the destination on or before the time. for offloading, they also use material handling equipment. After this process is done, they hand over the required paper for the vehicle.


Vehicle moving needs a proper plan and action to successfully deliver the vehicle to its destination. These are the steps that the vehicle movers in Bhubaneswar follow in order to securely carry out the task.

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